Close-Up Magic


Joe Mystic entertains here at the famous Hollywood’s Magic Castle

Your attention is drawn to a well dressed man approaching you and your group. He is friendly and he shows you a two dollar bill. Front and back.

His hands are stretched out away from his body and they are held wide open. The bill is pinched between his thumb and index finger. It is only two feet from your eyes and it obvious that his hands are empty. Then it happens.

The bill is folded in quarters and immediately opened to reveal two single one dollar bills. They are shown front and back and one is handed to you while he explains that the best is yet to come. You scrutinize the bill. It is real.

You hand it back and as the man folds the bill in half once, twice and then without hesitation reopens the bill and now you are looking at a one hundred dollar bill.

Yes, astonished you grab the bill, it is as real as the one dollar bill you held only moments before and it never left your sight. You have entered into a journey. A journey of sight, mind and humor. A journey with a very extraordinary entertainer.

It is the close-up sleight of hand of JOE MYSTIC. His entertainment has just begun. He is about to weave playing cards, coins and other objects into one of the most memorable experiences you have ever had. Just as you are amazed, you find yourself laughing from the comedy interwoven with the magic.


Joe entertains from table to table in a banquet setting. The audience is Dean and Susan Spanos of the San Diego Chargers, Christmas of 1998

  • Award Winning Entertainer 2005 to 2007
  • San Diego Performer of the Year
  • San Diego’s Close Up Magician of the Year
  • San Diego’s Stage Magician of the Year 2nd & 3rd place
  • America’s Funniest Magician 3rd place
  • San Diego Birthday Party Magician Guru


  • Phone: (858) 278-6558
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