Theme Characters

Joe is very versatile and can fit into most themes through his many costumes and specialized magic.

Mob Boss Joe

Here Joe plays the mob boss.

Perfect for the Elliott Ness or even the Casablanca theme.

Safari Joe

Safari Joe has the distinction of being the only outside entertainer to perform at the San Diego Zoo with the zoo animals. Joe was Sigmund of the Sigmund and Freud Sealion Magic Show in Wegeforth Bowl.

Joe is still requested to perform as Safari Joe at the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park as well as numerous other locations at animal or safari themed events.

3 Card Joe

3 Card Joe Mystic on the famous sternwheeler The William D. Evans sailing out of San Diego’s Bahia Hotel. Joe Mystic’s Riverboat Gambler Character is also shown here at the bar and in front of one of the smoke stacks with one of the riverboat passengers.

Skipper Joe

Joe Mystic in a nautical theme. Great for the yacht club or Cruising along the Bay theme.

Kahuna Joe

Joe Mystic as Kahuna Joe. Here while performing strolling magic at the San Diego Marriott Hotel while entertaining the pharmaceutical company Hoechst Marion Rousse.

wizard Joe

Let Joe dazzle and mystify your guests as only a wizard could.

  • Award Winning Entertainer 2005 to 2007
  • San Diego Performer of the Year
  • San Diego’s Close Up Magician of the Year
  • San Diego’s Stage Magician of the Year 2nd & 3rd place
  • America’s Funniest Magician 3rd place
  • San Diego Birthday Party Magician Guru


  • Phone: (858) 278-6558
  • Email: